• Blind / Buried vias
  • NC Routing / NC Drilling
  • Micro Vias -008" finished
  • Thin Multilayer -.014 thick
  • Controlled Dielectrics / Impedance
  • Line / Space to 3 mils
  • Gold Plating: Full body
  • Immersion White Tin
  • U.L. 94 V-0
  • LPI (green,blue,red,black,clear, white)


  • FR-4
  • FR-4 High Temp
  • Tetra Functional
  • Polyimide
  • Rogers R4000 Series
  • PTFE (Glass, Ceramic, Carbon)
  • RoHS Approved Materials


  • Netlist Testing
  • Dual Access Testing
  • Microcraft Flying Probe


  • Design
  • Drill Programming
  • Route Programming
  • CAM Interface
  • Laser Photo Plotting
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Artwork to CAD Generation
  • Netlist Extraction
  • Extensive DRC


The team at Delta Circuits worked very hard to deliver professional results on time, I am very happy with their work and with their collaboration in my projects, I recommend you to try their skills in one of your project and you will be surprised.

A Joy to work with, excellent communication, very attentive to customer needs, and willing to adjust when confronted with a customer like me who really didn’t know ‘exactly’ what I wanted. Produced an awesome proto type PCB in little time and with much professionalism. Thank you and I look forward to using you again…

Excellent designer, full of design thoughts and very humble and very reliable. He gave me exactly what I was looking for and that too with as many revisions as I wanted. He is a genuine 10 pointer. You can trust him for any design projects. On time delivery and quality work is his trademark. I have decided to continue this project with him.