Equipment List


Lamination 1 P.H.I. 30" X 30" 4 Opening Multi-Layer Press
  1 Wabash 4 Opening Multi-Layer Press
  1 24" X 30" 3 Opening Multi-Layer Press
  1 4 Opening Cold Press
  1 3 Opening Cold Press
  1 3 Opening Cold Press
Drilling/Fab 3 Excellon Mark VI CNC-6 Drill Machines
  3 Excellon Mark V CNC-6 Drill/Route Machines
  1 Accu-score AS-150 Scoring Machine
  1 FAMCO 652 Hydraulic Shear
  2 Radoll Bevelmate Edge Beveler
  1 Barnaby Stackmaster
  1 Glenbrook Technologies Inc. X-Ray Model80ML/RT
  1 Excellon Uniline 2000
Engineering/CAM 1 Esher-Grad 2201 Laser Plotter w/ 4000 DPI Resolution
  1 Crescent 30 Laser Plotter w/ 4000 DPI Resolution
  1 Dupont Processor Easy Compact 720
  2 Pentalogix CAM Software
  2 CAM 350 Software
Metalization 1 FSI Horizontal Conveyorized Shadow Line
  1 Permanganate Desmear Line
  1 IS Pummice Scrobber 2005
Etching 1 ASI Resist Stripper
  1 Autotech Chemcut Xli Etcher
  1 ASI Tin Stripper
AOI 1 Mania-Barco Argos 8008 AOI System
Screening 1 Sommer & Maca SB224L Scrubber
  1 Despatch VRC2-43-2 Batch Oven
  1 Chemcut LPI Developer
  1 Circuit Automation DP10 S3 Auto Screener
  1 Circuit Automation TC120 Conveyorized Tunnel Oven
  1 EPIC Dry Curing Oven
  1 NU-ARC Screen Imaging System
  1 Hyoki IJS-630-T Jet Scrubber
  4 Grieve Batch Ovens
Image 1 NU-ARC FT26V2UPNS Flip Top Exposure Unit
  4 OLEC AP30
  1 OLEC AT-30 with Automatic Camera Registration
  2 Dupont Laminators HRL
  1 HAKUTO Cut-sheet Laminators
  1 Dynachem Cut-sheet Laminators
Plating 1 Automatic 80' Copper Plating Line
  2 Circuit Tech Copper Plating Lines w/air agitation
  1 Circuit Tech Tin Plating Line
  1 Circuit Tech Pre/Post Clean Line
  1 Technic MINI Nickel/Gold Automatic Tab Plater
  1 Circuit Tech Deep Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold Line
  1 Immersion White Tin line
  3 Rectifiers for Copper Plating and Tin Tanks
HAL 1 Argus HAL 5124 Solder Coater
  1 Argus Pre Clean w/fluxer
  1 ASI Post Clean Line
Electrical Test 2 Microcraft EMMA Flying Probe Net-List Tester
  1 Mania Precise 2K Grid Tester
  1 Trace 948 Testers
Laboratory 1 Nikon DPT IP HOT Microscope w/HFX
  1 Buehler Ecomet IV Polisher/Grinder
  2 Fischerscope Beta-850
  2 Perkin-Elmer 31130 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
  2 CMI MFX-B-M-E Coating Thickness Tester
  1 Kocour Model 50 Hull Cell Rectifier w/A83
  1 Vision Engineering TS-3 Stereo Dyna Scope


The team at Delta Circuits worked very hard to deliver professional results on time, I am very happy with their work and with their collaboration in my projects, I recommend you to try their skills in one of your project and you will be surprised.

A Joy to work with, excellent communication, very attentive to customer needs, and willing to adjust when confronted with a customer like me who really didn’t know ‘exactly’ what I wanted. Produced an awesome proto type PCB in little time and with much professionalism. Thank you and I look forward to using you again…

Excellent designer, full of design thoughts and very humble and very reliable. He gave me exactly what I was looking for and that too with as many revisions as I wanted. He is a genuine 10 pointer. You can trust him for any design projects. On time delivery and quality work is his trademark. I have decided to continue this project with him.