We manufacture high quality printed circuit boards having as many as 18 layers. Our facility produces full production runs as well as prototypes. Meticulous attention to detail during every phase of manufacturing and preparation for shipping ensure every unit we manufacture is as absolutely flawless as your demand for quality requires. By integrating people, processes, and technology, Delta-Circuits, Inc. provides higher quality product with lower costs, resulting in extremely competitive prices. Give us a try with your next quote. You'll be glad you did.


Our experienced, creative people provide workable solutions to difficult technical concerns that arise during the prototype phase. Because we are familiar with the intricacies of your prototype, Delta-Circuits, Inc. is the logical choice for your full production runs as well. And our qualified customer service specialists provide fast and friendly service throughout each job.


In addition to using the latest manufacturing methods and equipment, Delta-Circuits, Inc. has a Total Process Control system in place: custom designed computerized manufacturing and business management system; high-speed quoting system; bar coding through every step of the manufacturing process; and a fully integrated manufacturing environment.


We use technology to streamline our workflow which enables our prices to be more competitive than ever. Technology allows us to generate accurate quotes quickly, receive drawings rapidly, and maintain constant control of every aspect of the manufacturing activity.


Minimum conductor width
Minimum conductor spacings
Minimum hole size (plated)
Maximum hole size
Board aspect ratio
Maximum board size (active)
17" x 28"
Maximum number of layers
Maximum outer layer Cu. foil thickness
6 oz.
Maximum inner layer Cu. foil thickness
6 oz.
Board thickness tolerance
Impedance Control

Metal Finishes

  • Tin/Lead (solder)
  • Hard Gold
  • Immersion White Tin
  • Immersion Silver
  • Immersion Gold
  • OSP
  • Lead Free HASL

Soldermask Finishes

  • Liquid photo imageable (variety of color)


  • Epoxy thermal cured (variety of colors)


  • FR-4
  • Tetrafunctional
  • Polymide
  • Rogers R4000 Series
  • PTFE (Glass, Ceramic, Carbon)
  • RoHS Approved Materials
  • Aluminum Core
  • FR-4 High Temp
  • Rigid-Flex
  • Flex


The team at Delta Circuits worked very hard to deliver professional results on time, I am very happy with their work and with their collaboration in my projects, I recommend you to try their skills in one of your project and you will be surprised.

A Joy to work with, excellent communication, very attentive to customer needs, and willing to adjust when confronted with a customer like me who really didn’t know ‘exactly’ what I wanted. Produced an awesome proto type PCB in little time and with much professionalism. Thank you and I look forward to using you again…

Excellent designer, full of design thoughts and very humble and very reliable. He gave me exactly what I was looking for and that too with as many revisions as I wanted. He is a genuine 10 pointer. You can trust him for any design projects. On time delivery and quality work is his trademark. I have decided to continue this project with him.